The spiders are ready!

The house is decorated for Halloween. The candy box is ready although the lid seems to open on its own and the amount of candy is disappearing ahead of time. Hopefully there’ll be something left for the spooky ones. There is still a bit of indecision when it comes to costumes, but we’re sure the kids will be ready in time. The Christmas lights went up yesterday, but the house is a little less lit up this year, as the (new) solar panels are in the way. Still looks nice though and we’re ready for snow…

Inside the bathroom is down and the final inspection is done. Girls are loving it and Olivia did a great job choosing tiles, sink, lights and all the other things. It made quite a difference and the tub will not be missed. Two to go… Bella and Pia’s rooms are also done. Pia (and Adriana) got rid of the desk during the garage sale, and exchanged it for storage space and a place to look themselves in the mirror. Bella got a new bed and art on the walls, so the second floor needs no work until the new Nest fire alarms arrive.

John is still traveling quite a bit. He came back from Washington D.C. last friday. United managed to lose the reservation after he had checked in, but in the end all turned out well, and he was happy to fly home. As always. The week before was partly spent in Beverly Hills together with many of the movie studios and organizations he deals with working for Akamai. Yesterday was the last day in the San Mateo. Akamai is moving partly to San Francisco and partly to Santa Clare. So starting this coming Monday it’s back on the train like the days at Adobe and Dolby.

This weekend has been spent playing volleyball (won) and soccer (lost). Adriana went to a birthday party and returned with a face painting that extended all the way to her arms. John, Olivia and Adrian snug away for a brisk and chilly walk at the dog park in Foster City. Adriana saw it as warmup for the the 10 rounds she has signed up for at Burlingame High School participating in Relay for Life. Pia and Isabella are each doing 16. That’s at least what they have committed to. They hosted the church service a couple of weeks back – both read in front of the congregation and Pia’s worried that she would say “deceased” instead of “diseased” turned out to be without merit. They did great.

Bella took the PSAT on Saturday and wasn’t sure what to think of the whole thing. Results in December. Isabella and Pia sat through the IOWA test once again a week or two ago. so only Adriana escaped the claws of standardized tests these past weeks. Olivia missed her school gathering but Johannesburg turned out to be a bit too far way with everything else going on. Luckily Facebook and Instagram brought her a little closed but nothing beats the real thing and both John and Olivia and bummed that 2013 was the first year they didn’t make it back to Africa.

In the midst of it all we’ve managed to have dinner with Penny and Adrian and also enjoyed a BBQ at Sandy and David. Cousin Nick has made it back from High Point College on the East Coast. Good to see him, Andrew and Jilly.