The house on Thornhill Drive will change hands on November 15. We are very happy that it sold so we can focus on just one house. Most is gone but a few items remain in the kitchen. Combining a couple of households means two of “everything” and we’ve given much away the last couple of weekends. Lots of memories at the house but all in all we’re happy that it’ll provide protection and comfort for someone actually living there.

John stopped contracting for Dolby a couple of weeks back after accepting a full-time position with Corel Inc. They are based in Ottawa but have a small office in Mountain View. John was in Ottawa last week to meet the team and also got a chance to say hi to his sister, nieces and cousin who all live there. Not too cold – just missed the snow by a day or two. John’s very excited about the Product Marketing job as it focuses on photo editing software. Not many are lucky enough to work with something that’s also their hobby.

We passed Halloween in the middle of it all. Always fun when it falls on a weekend and the festivities started with Bella’s dance on Friday. Everybody got to be something else than originally planned. Probably what happens everywhere when the costumes are bought early. Still, it worked out and all were happy.

The very same weekend Isabella swam in the Burlingame Aquatic Center races and won her backstroke race. Very cool! She entered in freestyle and breaststroke as well, but had tougher competition in those.

Isabella read at the mass last Sunday as the fourth grades hosted the event. She was on quite a roll after scoring 98% on her Iowa test this year placing her in a small exclusive group of students. As a result she got her first Honor Student certificate. She’s doing very well in school – all the girls are!

Lucia practice started yesterday. Busy schedule until mid-December when the final performance takes place.