Happy New Year

As with the previous years Christmas really came around with the Christmas performance at School. Last performance with Pia and Isabella – from hereon onwards Adriana will have to carry the tradition; which she surely is happy to do. Much of the show repeated itself on December 24 when Olivia plus kids were part of the Christmas mass. There are some pictures from the school performance here.

We celebrated Christmas with the rest of the Bellamys on December 23 at Adrian and Penny’s house. There was a total of 20 of us this time and the kids had a blast exchanging Secret Santa gifts. Some family members were off to Hawaii the days after – some to London while the rest decided to weather out the Californian rain storm.

Santa did come around again in 2014 and left quite a mess downstairs drinking milk and eating cookies and lettuce. Apparently for the reindeers. He forgot his glasses (again!) and must have several pairs in the sleigh. Santa filled the stockings and also left three girls a new pair of boots and Adriana an American Girl doll.

New Year came and went again without much notice. The three older girls hung out with their friends while John, Olivia and Adriana relaxed at the house. The three started 2015 with a long walk in Half Moon Bay enjoying glorious weather.

Finishing this post off with a note we came across earlier today:

Welcome to 2015.

With resolutions or without, with ups and downs, joy and sorrow, successes and mistakes, friends founds, friends lost, with passion or without, it will be the year that you make, the year that you decide, the year that you want.

Much of the above will happen but only you can turn them into positive experiences.

Happy New Year : )

June catchup

June started with one of our favorite places for outdoor concerts– the Mountain Winery. Olivia had gotten two tickets to see Jewel and we had a great evening under the open skies. Jewel had many stories to tell and ended sharply on the curfew with no time to play extras. Steve Poltz warmed up – super funny guy and we ordered his Noineen Noiny Noin CD on the way home.

John spent a good time on June on the road with tradeshows and conferences in San Jose, New York, Boston and Banff. Olivia joined him in Calgary and got to spend the weekend in the Banff surroundings. Stunning scenery, great food and a breathtaking backdrop of mountains to the city streets. Saturday brought a eight-mile hike to the tea houses around Lake Louise which got cut a bit short because of snow and heavy rain. Lots of wildlife – caribou, bears, dear and lots of birds of prey.

Girls were out of school mid-June and Isabella went almost straight into two weeks of soccer summer camp. John made it back from Canada just in time for father’s day and got spoiled by the girls and Olivia.

In May we had water dripping from the ceiling and it turned out their was a leak from the bathroom straight above. Deciding that a remodel was the right thing to do, Olivia started working with designers and contractors, and the final thing that was done before we took off for Scandinavia and the Baltics was to hand a key to the contractors so that they could start tearing the old bathroom down. More on that in October…

Turned 6 – going on 15

Adriana turned six this weekend. Lots of American Girl presents from cabinets, to salon chairs to more dressed that could be worn in a weekend. Including a home made dress by Corey in St. Catherine’s colors/fabric. Very fancy!

The party for the girlfriends happened at Treo Salon. All got the latest hair styles and make up which stayed intact even after munching the cup cakes Pia had made the night before.

Isabella spent Saturday at Skyline College following the “Exploring Your Horizons” program – a day dedicated to Science. She learned about DNA and ate it all up storing it in the “I want to be a doctor” box. Still a dream it seems.

In other news: Olivia had a bird waiting for her when she made it down to the kitchen this morning. It took its sweet time flying back out. She found a nest close to our main entrance. Sadly the parents seemed to scared that they’ve left the nest. No fun!

20130316 Adriana American Girl dolls Studio Burlingame 9164-Edit

20130316 Adriana American Girl dolls Studio Burlingame 9196-Edit