June catchup

June started with one of our favorite places for outdoor concerts– the Mountain Winery. Olivia had gotten two tickets to see Jewel and we had a great evening under the open skies. Jewel had many stories to tell and ended sharply on the curfew with no time to play extras. Steve Poltz warmed up – super funny guy and we ordered his Noineen Noiny Noin CD on the way home.

John spent a good time on June on the road with tradeshows and conferences in San Jose, New York, Boston and Banff. Olivia joined him in Calgary and got to spend the weekend in the Banff surroundings. Stunning scenery, great food and a breathtaking backdrop of mountains to the city streets. Saturday brought a eight-mile hike to the tea houses around Lake Louise which got cut a bit short because of snow and heavy rain. Lots of wildlife – caribou, bears, dear and lots of birds of prey.

Girls were out of school mid-June and Isabella went almost straight into two weeks of soccer summer camp. John made it back from Canada just in time for father’s day and got spoiled by the girls and Olivia.

In May we had water dripping from the ceiling and it turned out their was a leak from the bathroom straight above. Deciding that a remodel was the right thing to do, Olivia started working with designers and contractors, and the final thing that was done before we took off for Scandinavia and the Baltics was to hand a key to the contractors so that they could start tearing the old bathroom down. More on that in October…