Happy birthday(s)

Bella turned 17 on January 6 and was celebrated by classmates and family. Isabella’s birthday is February 9 and the extended family had her birthday dinner at Benihana last night – a little early, but conflicting schedules moved the festivities up a bit. Adriana is next.

John spent a bit of time in Las Vegas from January 3rd. The Consumer Electronics Show seems to get bigger and bigger even though the announcements weren’t that significant this year. Through Akamai he hosted 120 people on January 5th and oversaw all of Akamai’s activities there.

Last Friday Pia and Isabella went to the Junior high dance at their school and danced from start to finish together with the sixth and seventh graders. The Drama activities are in full swing and the production of “Shrek” is already taking up some of the afternoons. Isabella will once again be active off stage.

With the exception of Santa Catalina (Monterey) All the high school applications as done and so are the entrance tests. Now it’s a waiting gaming until early March.

Adriana, Pia and Bella are all active with cheerleading – Bella and Pia are cheering for the boy’s basketball teams for their respective schools.

Five days in October

John and Olivia left the San Francisco Giants in good hands and left for Hawaii on October 24. Hardly out of the plane the spotted an Akamai taxi proving that the company name of Akamai really is Hawaiian (intelligence, wit).

Café Kaila was open for breakfast the next morning. Surprisingly empty without the usual Japanese crowd, but it turned out that the busses were just late, and once John and Olivia left, the place was buzzing like it’s usual self. The drive back included a stop at the Pali lookout although the morning mist made the sights a little less visible than usual. Still, it’s a great place to stop as it gives a good feel for just how compact the island is.

The walking shoes got a good workout throughout the time there. The “Pill Boxes” in Lanikai turned out to be a great little trip up to a couple of fantastic lookouts. Very steep in the beginning but once the vegetation opened a bit, the hills were easier to conquer. Good conversations with other families on top, and some got help with a family photo for this year’s Christmas card.

The lunch was famous coconut shrimp at the Crouching Lion Inn on the North Shore. Very yummy and the fresh + chilled coconut milk was perfect for pairing. Final stop was that the Japanese temple at the Valley of the Temples. Stunning location and building that it’s a bit of a mystery we’ve driven by so many times without visiting.

The following morning a hike around Diamond Head keep the food/exercise balance in check and it was great to head the shore just as the sun made its first appearance.

During the time there John and Olivia also found time to visit the original tiki bar in Honolulu and Mitch’s – a wonderful sushi bar/fish market. We are so lucky to have access to the condo in Diamond Head and given that it’s a fairly short plane ride there, it’s easy to spend a weekend there. There was something to celebrate though: It was 24 month ago the wedding took place in Carmel Valley…

The plane ride back coincided with game seven in the world series, and as it happened the game ended just as the shores of California showed up. Well done Giants!

20141027 Olivia John Hawaii 018

Garage sale weekend

Yesterday we had our first garage sale ever. Strollers, clothes, furniture and other goodies went on the block. Olivia and the girls did very well before the activities got shut down by rain. Amazingly it decided to pour down late morning, and we all had to scramble before the last few things were back under cover. Adriana sold lemonade and cookies on the sideline and cleaned out herself. There are a few things left which will be donated or just given away.

It’s be a couple of busy weeks. We were lucky to see Jesper and Pernille for dinner at Kincaids last Thursday. They’ve been touring California together with Pernille’s parents. John flew to L.A. last Saturday for a photo workshop that turned out to be largely a waste of time and money. He flew back late Sunday evening after sitting on the runway for a couple of hours due to fog in the Bay Area. Good old Akamai saw the busiest day in its history this past Wednesday when the latest iPhone update was released. The software is delivered via the Akamai network and all went smoothly.

Adriana continues to take gymnastics classes a couple of times during the week, while Pia and Isabella have started Volleyball. Bella is still active with Cheerleading.

Fish is in the oven and waiting for Penny’s arrival while Adrian is trying to break yet another record for most air miles accrued in the shortest time possible.

20130922 Garage sales Cypress Avenue Burlingame 010-6