Life’s a beach

Yesterday we went to Pescadero State Beach to eat a sandwish from Woodside Deli. The breeze was a nice break from the temperatures in the house, and Isabella had fun trying to escape the waves.

Afterwards we continued to Pigeon Point Light Station. We’ve driven by it many times, and probably flown over it even more. The light house is closed, but there are good views, lots of sea shells to pick, and the seals are watching you at a distance.

pescadero Beach

Back in Singapore but…

I’m leavning again soon. Writing this from the Adobe office in SunTech City tower 3. Nice offices who handles all of South-East Asia. Hotel is nice – and got even better after I downgraded myself to a room in the original shophouse. It’s without all the little luxury gadgets, but the teak floors and wooden shutters makes it very colonial style.

Sat in the park and watched a soccer match yesterday, so it’s been very relaxing but at the same time I’ve gotten a lot of work done and I’m slowly getting ready to fly back tomorrow. I wonder if I can stay up for a conference call at midnight. Especially since I have to leave the hotel at 05:00 in the morning.


In Hong Kong

Just touched down in Hong Kong. The weather is not good and there were lightning strikes all around us coming in to HKG. The flight crew is still not here so now the waiting game starts. Normally we can catch up on the 3.5 hours flight to Singapore but it’ll still be 01:30 before I’m in my room. Zzz… Zzz.

Off to Singapore

I’m off to Singapore in a few hours. A short trip partly for pleasure and partly to visit the folks in the Singapore office. I’m flying through Hong Kong – that’s a 14.5 hours trip. After a short stop it’s off again for the final 3.5 hours. Got seats in the upper level of the Boeing 747. It’s very quiet up there, there’s plenty of room for your carry-on luggage on the sides, and since I’m in the exit row, there’s more leg room that anywhere else on the plane. I’m staying at the Intercontinental. It’s fairly run-down, but it’s inexpensive and they’ve always treated me very nice.

Back on Tuesday and straight into the San Francisco office for a couple of meetings.

Hot dog!

The four of us climbed the small hills of Eaton Park today. It’s 25 degrees at the house, but it was blistering hot up there. Moses sounded like he was hyperventilating but he was thrilled to run around on his own. As the image shows, he is enjoying the gentle breeze we found at the top.

Hot Dog in Eaton Park

Sample from Bryce Canyon

Here’s a picture I took the very first morning during a recent DWLS class. Beautiful sunlight that came around at 6:30 in the morning. Very cold but worth it. Can’t wait to go to Maine in September. Should be just as beautiful.

More pictures to follow as I get through them.

Bryce Canyon at sunset

In the studio

Took pictures of a fun bunch of kids this morning and had Isabella step in front of the camera once we were done. I’m not too sure I can get my feet in that position. At least not without breaking anything.

Isabella Ballerina

Online again

To our friends and families:

This is our first family blog and we hope to bring you a glimpse into what’s going on at Thornhill Drive and where travel takes us. Have fun reading and check back often for tidbits.

PS Isabella says: Hi – My name is Pichouette. The one in the photo with the violin is me :-)