Who we are

John and Olivia live in Burlingame with their four girls Adriana, Pia, Isabella and Bella.

John moved from Denmark to the Bay Area in 1996 working for a Danish company. Olivia arrived almost a decade earlier from South Africa after a short layover in Hawaii. They have lived together in since 2009 and enjoy a cozy yet very lively household.


Hello my name is Isabella Antarctica Agger-Pilon and I am 10 years old. I have 3 awesome stepsisters, Adriana (4), Pia (10), and Bella (14). When I was 6, my wonderful mom died of breast cancer so now I have a beautiful, caring stepmom too. My dad however is my real, loving dad.

I love to do soccer, horseback riding, volleyball, contortion, gymnastics, track, swimming, and dancing. I also love to read, ride my bike, and play. I also love animals and helping my local animal shelter. I am always trying to donate as much as I can.


ADRIANA – (12 questions – January 8, 2012):

What your full name?
Adriana Mara Esgeurra. I got my name from my grandpa, my cousin and my dad.

What is your favorite color:
I have a lot of favorite colors but mostly I like the rainbow.

What is your favorite food:
Thai Stick from Millbrae

What is your favorite dessert?
Frozen yogurt – Chocolate + vanilla swirl with chocolate sprinkles in it!

What is your favorite book?
Way far away on a wild safari

Who is your best friend?
Maddie but she doesn’t really play with me. Only when Olivia is not with her.

What is your favorite vegetable?
Broccoli. I had some when I was four.

When is your birthday?
March 15.

Do you have a wish for your birthday?
Moon dough because my mom gave what I had away.

What is your favorite sport?
I really want to do soccer and yoga.

What is your favorite animal?
The one that laughs… Hyena

Have you traveled anywhere?
I’ve been to Disneyland, Hawaii, Pismo Beach and on a cruise throughout Europe (but I don’t really remember the cruise)


I moved to California is 1996 after finishing my Bachelor of Computer Science in Copenhagen. Partly a career move and partly to get a pilots license. I got my certificate a couple of years later and still hold a valid single engine license.

I am a passionate photographer and is a Certified Photographer with Professional Photographers of America. I am lucky enough to have my own studio but I certainly also enjoy shooting wildlife. With a camera that is.

I love to travel and very much believe in Mark Twain’s quote on our home page: “Travel is lethal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.”

Most of all I love the five women in my life!


(As we are firm believers of free speech here are the actual 68 words she used to describe herself):

1. nice
2. sweet
3. kind
4. talkative
5. determined
6. passionate
7. helpful
8. understanding
9. sympathetic
10. smart
11. friendly
12. stubborn
13. complicated
14. organised
15. dependable
16. fun
17. flexible
18. happy
19. overdramatic
20. confident
21. knowledgeable
22. trustworthy
23. polite
24. cheerful
25. hot
26. logical
27. sensible
28. engaging
29. cute
30. aware
31. dedicated
32. loving
33. adorable
34. elegant
35. clever
36. patient
37. loyal
38. fashionable
39. encouraging
40. simple
41. compassionate
42. forgiving
43. admiring
44. cheeky
45. grateful
46. silly
47. faithful
48. caring
49. considerate
50. apologetic
51. helpful
52. important
53. delightful
54. jolly
55. lovable
56. silly
57. victorious
58. thankful
59. loud
60. young
61. glamourous
62. fabulous
63. magnificent
64. unusual
65. alive
66. real
67. sleepy
68. talented

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