Fall colors all around

Olivia and John left for the east coast October 14 to visit Isabella and to hear and see firsthand how Kent School was becoming a part of her life. It was the weekend of parent+teacher conferences and all the students were excited to see their parents even if it meant cleaning their dorm rooms.

As expected Isabella was doing great. She had changed her roommate and had gotten a good group of friends – many of who she’s in classes with during the day. She received many good comments from her teachers and her counselor and so far boarding school seems to be the right choice for her even though she is of course missed at home.

The weekend turned out to be at the very peak of the fall colors making their entrance around New England and coincidently Kent was named one of the best places in 2015 to see the changing scenery. One would think it gets a little old and boring after a while but the car was pulled over many times to photograph the trees, hills and valleys in their yellow, orange, green and everything in between.

After spending Friday afternoon at the school the three went to dinner at Oliva on Main in Bethlehem. The restaurant was recommended by Regine, the owner of the lovely Bed & Breakfast where Olivia and John stayed. Isabella was very happy with the hummus and later spaghetti and slept well until she was picked up the following day.

Saturday was spent touring Yale University and shopping for a winter jacket. The campus at Yale was very beautiful and it was amazing to walk there and think about all the graduates that went on from there to put their mark on World history. The three finished the day off at Community Table which serves a Nordic menu including Swedish meatballs. A very cozy place built like a Swedish cabin.

Sunday started with breakfast at JP Gifford in Kent – recently named on the the 15 best small bakeries in the US. Afterwards they toured New Preston and finished with a quick trip to a “nearby” Starbucks 30 miles away. Olivia and John had to drive to New York to fly back to the west cost and left Isabella with some time to relax and treat a spiring cold. The weather was rapidly turning colder and there was frost on the windows Sunday morning as well as both snow and hail in the afternoon.

Good timing on that winter jacket!

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