New beginnings for Isabella

Isabella and John arrived at Kent School no Friday and spent the first couple of hours getting Isabella settled in her new room. Her Korean roommate – Sarah – had moved in the day before when international students arrived. Isabella is based in the North Dorm and seem to be on a rather noisy floor although that might change once homework is assigned. The temperature quickly reached 90 degrees mid-morning so they quickly ordered a fan to help them keep their heads cool.

They went to meet Isabella’s advisor who they had already heard of via a friend. Isabella and her advisor will meet once or twice every week to monitor progress at school and in classes. Isabella also got signed up for laundry service and after a quick lunch and welcome gathering with the head master it was time for John to take off.

Isabella also had impact testing this weekend so that that school can monitor any changes should she participate in activities that leads to a concussion. The all-students school dance Saturday evening was not such an event.