Cake walk (compared to yesterday)

Just back from the second of the two gorilla treks. It was pure heaven compared to yesterday. Almost flat the entire time, and other than crossing a couple of streams, it felt like the gorillas were in our backyard.

We arrived while the family of ten gorillas were still sleeping. Eventually they were bothered enough by the ranger and his machete, that they got up and almost immediately started eating.

The silverback was the last to get up. Despite him being only 17 years old, his size is massive and under different circumstances I’m not sure how I would feel being that close. I sat within five feet from him while he was having breakfast, and he acted like he couldn’t care less.

We were lucky to see a ten-weeks “old” baby. He poked his head out a couple of times – enough for us to capture his cute face. He’s the only other male in the group, so he is likely to run the show once the current “president” stands down.

Good times all around and the one hour viewing slot went by very fast. We made it back to the briefing center before lunch and got our certificates for having successfully completed another hike.

I’m writing this from the Gorilla Forest Camp. Just had a monkey trying to steal the banana included in my box lunch. Such manners! Pretty sneaky that one – didn’t even see him coming but I still have the banana and the box.

What remains – other than to clean gear and clothes – is to jump on a small plane tomorrow morning. We fly from Chihihi airstrip to Entebbe, where we get to hang out at some day-hotel, before I’m off to Addis Ababa and Hong Kong early evening. If we’re on time I should be able to make it to the hotel just as the World Cup final starts.

It’s been a trip of a lifetime for sure. I feel very privileged to have seen some of the ~800 remaining wild mountain gorillas in the world, and it’s been fantastic to look into their eyes and watch their moves. I highly recommend visiting them – here or in Rwanda.

Signing off in Uganda,

20140711 Gorilla trekking - 2nd day - Bwindi Uganda 049