Good deeds for the four-legged

Isabella had the pleasure to hand a box full of dog goodies off to our new Peninsula Humane Society animal shelter. She teamed up with the school paper and ran an article asking for dog toys, leftover tennis and golf balls, newspapers and other goodies. We are proud of her for being involved in the community and for her efforts to give the animals a good time while they’re in transit.

Isabella is quite involved with animals and nothing is higher on her wish list than an australian shepherd puppy. Sadly travel and other activities doesn’t allow for a dog right now, so she’s looking into other options. Including dog walking and she’s starting as a Humane Helper in a few days. It’s a monthly program at PHS that benefits the animals. This week the kids are making Valentine’s Day gifts for the dogs.

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  1. La Pichounette

    Thanks!!!!!! Btw it is PHS not SPCA! Love you miss you!!!!

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